Bulk SMS Service Questions & Answers

  • What is Bulk SMS ?

    Bulk SMS is a trending way of short messaging to reach customers in bulk directly in just few seconds. Bulk SMS is used by majority of industries like MNCs, marketing companies, hospitality industry, e-commerce companies, banks, retail sector and many others for sending their vital information or for promotion/marketing purpose.
  • What is Bulk SMS Service ?

    Bulk SMS Service is the service of sending large number of SMS to mobile handsets of different people simultaneously. Bulk SMS Service is widely used to convey vital information to the audience or to promote a product or service among audience. Multi National Companies, E-commerce platforms, banks, schools, colleges, marketing companies, retail sector, and many other small and large businesses recommends Bulk SMS Service for the better communication with its customers.
  • How many types of Bulk SMS ?

    Majorly, There are 2 types of Bulk SMS :
    1. Promotional Bulk SMS :- Widely used for promotion purpose, branding, sales, marketing any product or service. Delivers only to Non-DND numbers between 9 AM to 9 PM only.
    2. Transactional Bulk SMS :- Widely used for OTP, Transactions Updates, Reminders, Important Informational Message etc. Delivers to both DND & Non-DND numbers (24/7 - All Day & Night Delivery).
  • What is Promotional Bulk SMS ?

    Promotional Bulk SMS are those SMS which are used for promotion, sales, branding, marketing any offer, schemes, service or product among the audience of Non-DND numbers within the time frame of 9 A.M. to 9 P.M.
  • What is Transactional Bulk SMS ?

    Transactional Bulk SMS are those SMS which are mainly used only for sending OTP, transaction updates, resetting link for account, reminders, important informational messages, government updates or any vital information to DND & Non-DND both with the service of 24/7. According to TRAI Rules, Transactional Bulk SMS can not be used for marketing purpose and there is no time limit for sending transactional bulk SMS.
  • Why Bulk SMS Service is successful?

    Majorly, It depends on many factors like :
    1. As SMS has a high open rate, bulk SMS is one of the preferred choice among all industries and businesses.
    2. Bulk SMS is one of the most affordable way to communicate with our prospective customers.
    3. No Technical skills required to send bulk SMS.
    4. Provides maximum results with the minimum investment.
    5. Fastest way to reach audience at the most personalized level.
    6. No bounce rate in sending of bulk SMS.
    Finally we can say that Bulk SMS Service is the tool in which we can attract our customers & can raise loyalty among our target audience. Check out Soniyal Sales Bulk SMS Service & connect with clients & increase loyalty & interaction. We, Soniyal Sales Bulk SMS service is on the mission of providing complete tranparancy & finest satisfaction to our customers. For that, Just Call @ 8171816189 for Active Offers.
  • What is Promotional Messaging ?

    Promotional Messaging is the process of sending promotional sms to the audience regarding offers, sales, branding, marketing, schemes etc. to Non-DND numbers within the time frame of 9 A.M. to 9 P.M only.
  • What is Transactional Messaging ?

    Transactional Messaging is the process of sending transactional sms to the clients, users or customers regarding vital reminders, updates or informational messages. This service can't be used for promotional purpose because of TRAI policy.