What is the meaning of prefix in SMS Sender ID ?

  • What is the meaning of prefix in SMS Sender ID in Bulk SMS Services?

    Have you ever thought about the prefix in a SMS Sender ID. According to a survey, only 12% of people are aware of the prefix of sender id in bulk sms services. So, Majority of people are unaware of the meaning of the prefix of a sender ID. In this article, we are going to discuss the meaning and the reason for the prefix. So Let's start reading.
    The two characters placed in front of the Sender ID are known as Prefix of Sender ID. Example, if you receive an SMS from AD-IPAYTM, then in this message AD is the prefix of Sender ID. The first character of the prefix denotes the operator and the second character denotes the location circle of the operator. Check the Image below.
  • TRAI Rules for Operator Information in Sender ID Prefix

  • What is the rules of TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) for Sender ID and Prefix of it ?

    According to TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), the rules are as followed by:

    • Sender ID will be of 6 characters (fixed) either alphabetic or numeric which will denote company or brand.
    • Sender ID will be having a prefix of 2 characters which will represent the operator and its service area circle.
    • First character of the prefix in sender id represents the name of operator like airtel, idea, vodafone etc.
    • Second character of the prefix in sender id represent the service area, circle or location of that operator.

    Let's take an example, Sender ID : VD-SONYAL etc. Here, V stands for Vodafone which is operator and D stands for Delhi which is the location of operator. For More Information About Sender ID Click Here
    See the image above, if you get a message like VK-CANBNK, you can interpret that you've got the message through the Vodafone operator from Kolkata.
  • What is the operator name code list of prefix in sender id ?

    Operator Name             -            Code list

    • Airtel                                           -   A
    • BSNL                                           -   B
    • Aircel                                           -   D
    • Reliance Telecom                      -   E
    • Videocon                                    -   Q
    • Idea Cellular                               -   I
    • Reliance Jio                               -   J
    • BPL Mobile/Loop Telecom       -   L
    • MTNL                                          -   M
    • Reliance Communications       -   R
    • Tata Teleservices                       -   T
    • Unitech                                       -   U
    • Vodafone                                     -   V

    These are the operatores name with their code which is placed at 1st position in the prefix in the sender id. Example : AD-SONYAL , A is code of the Airtel operator .
  • What is the operator location code list of prefix in sender id ?

    Operator's Location   -    Code list

    • Andhra Pradesh                      -        A
    • Bihar                                         -         B
    • Delhi                                          -        D
    • UP East                                     -         E
    • Gujarat                                     -         G
    • Haryana                                   -         H
    • Himachal Pradesh                   -         I
    • Jammu and Kashmir              -         J
    • Kolkata                                     -         K
    • Kerala                                       -         L
    • Mumbai                                    -         M
    • North East                                -         N
    • Orissa                                         -         O
    • Punjab                                        -         P
    • Rajasthan                                  -         R
    • Assam                                         -         S
    • Tamil Nadu                                -         T
    • West Bengal                              -         V
    • UP West                                      -        W
    • Karnataka                                  -        X
    • M.P. / Chhattisgarh                 -        Y
    • Maharashtra                             -        Z

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